Friday, June 17, 2011

The Summit at Somewhere

It's time for Obama and Boehner to hit the links in their own private golf showdown on US Open weekend. Call it the US Closed--it's almost almost as secretive as the Bilderberger event or a Cheney getaway. The only course eliminated so far is Congressional Country Club.

The NY Times isn't very curious but provides a breakdown of the players for us, including this word of caution:
Mr. Boehner is friends with the golf legend Jack Nicklaus. He has also played with Tiger Woods in a pro-am tournament two years ago at the Congressional Country Club outside Washington.

Scared yet, Mr. President? Don’t be. You’ve got Biden.
Yes, we are told the mighty don't mess with Joe has a handicap index of 6.3. Nobody ever talks about his golf but he must get out there often carrying that kind of number, especially after starting the game around 50. Of course he IS the Vice President and probably has plenty of time on his hands with Recovery Summer currently on hold. Meanwhile Kasich is said to be a "wild card", meaning the Times didn't bother digging very deep because they don't really care.

The big question is whether Obama will practice scorecard transparency. The Moonie Times tells us not to expect an after-action report and they may be right--if team GOP wins--but there's not a soul alive on planet Earth who doesn't think the scorecards will be front and center of every news outlet if team OB manages to keep it in-bounds and slays the evil deficit monsters. There will be glowing hole to hole coverage and some may even use the word gutsy. Maybe a bigger question is whether team GOP will publish the cards if they exact a thumpin', since it would likely be spun by the same journalists as bad form or even racist. Guess we'll see.

As to real golf, Roy McAvoy, er Rory McIlroy is apparently playing his own Open this year. He's only 22 years old and 11 under par with a 6 shot lead over the nearest contender and 9 shots on everyone else in the most difficult tournament in the world. Impressive, but he doesn't quite have the same flair as the Golden Boy back at Pebble Beach in the late 90s. He does however bear a slight resemblance to a famous person...

Although as far as we know he's not from Kansas, or Seattle, or Honolulu, or Kenya, just Northern Ireland. Wait, Obama claims roots in Ireland!

MORE 6/17/11

Looks like there should be some good hole to hole chatter out there tomorrow. Or how about this--the event gets canceled after 12 holes with team GOP up by a million due to the announcement that Gadaffi has been killed or captured. It would be just like Obama to do that to invited guests.

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