Monday, June 27, 2011

The NY Gay Marriage Decision

Pat Robertson is making news again, saying the NY gay marriage decision will be the end of America. This same man also thought 9/11 was punishment from God for our collective sin (whereas Reverend Wright blamed it on our overseas policies and white men).

But this seems a little extreme. Homosexuality is one of many sins God mentions in the Bible, so it can't by itself be the end of us. It could be a beginning to an end, but it will be hard to top the destruction already caused by a breakdown of hetero marriage, among other national vices.

At any rate get ready for the predictable comparisons between Robertson and nuts like the Westboro Baptists, but one thing you will NOT see is a comparison between him and people like Imam Rauf. Or any Muslim, for that matter. And nobody will be saying 'we are creating more terrorists' by allowing this new freedom as they did when we locked up religious killers at Gitmo.

Wonder if there are any gay rights activists planning to ride along on the "Audacity of Hope" as it floats to Gaza in support of Hamas? Judging from the penalties enacted in that part of the world for such behavior it's unlikely, but then again it's hard to figure out the left sometimes.

In truth, if there's any significant downfall from a sweeping legalization of gay marriage it will probably be in the realm of a new intolerance of those opposing such things, where opposers are publicly ostracized and perhaps eventually prosecuted for hate speech. Well, except for Muslims.


Debbie said...

You got it right on this one, every word is true. And how did we get this way? Where the minority rules, or can push the majority to rule in it's favor? Shameful.

Homosexuality is a sin like all others, but those who make it legal in the eyes of the law, going against moral and religious belief,are in essence contributing to that sin.

But hey, look at all that money they think this will bring in. (I believe the "love" of money is also a sin.)

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yep Debbie. Not many are pointing it out but "follow the money" definitely works in this deal.