Monday, July 18, 2011

Abdulhakim Terror Trial Opens in Little Rock

They are trying him on state capital murder charges instead of federal terrorism charges; he has declared himself a jihadist and wanted the federal trial:
Muhammad described in his own words how he took his declaration of faith in a Memphis mosque. He discussed his motives for moving to Yemen and his attempt to travel to Somalia for weapons training.
His father, Memphian Melvin Bledsoe, is heartsick over what has happened to his son and even testified in Peter King's hearing a few months ago. He believes his son was brainwashed by the people in the mosque he attended in Nashville--he may be right--but then again logic says most radical jihadists would fall under that rubric, especially those willing to strap bombs to themselves to kill women and children. Or go fight with the Taliban.

Using a capital murder charge as opposed to a federal terrorism charge is obviously a tactic designed to prevent Muhammed from being able to take pride in being charged and convicted as a terrorist. As it stands he'll be convicted of the same crime committed by a gang-banger who drives around randomly shooting people.

Treating him the same as a local crook also saves the Obama administration from having to hold a federal terrorist trial and all the coverage that goes with it, including details about this travel to Yemen and Somalia and the debate over whether he should be in a military tribunal, especially after targeting military personnel.

Who knows, they might have tried the same with the other Abdulxxx terrorist--Muttalab, who is awaiting federal charges related to the underwear bomb plot:
Abdulmutallab is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiring with others to kill 281 passengers and 11 crew members aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253. U.S investigators believe he received training and instructions from al-Qaida operatives in Yemen, beginning in August 2009.
Abdulhakim also "conspired with others" when he conferred with al-Awlaki. But one was during flight, the other in flyover country. Few will notice.

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