Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zero Hour!

Some general observations about debtmageddon.

First, using trite, trendy terms like 'debtmageddon'. Yes, I just used it up above. I should be ashamed.

Second, this business about "the American people". From the Financial Times:
Almost without exception, everybody invoked the name of “the American People”. This is now an obligatory and depressing reference in all political speech, President Barack Obama not excluded. The problem is that the American people seem to want mutually exclusive things – drastically lower federal spending to Republicans, continued social safety nets to Democrats. The American people, of course, only get to speak in elections, unless you take opinion polls seriously.
We've been told the American people are 80 percent behind raising taxes but about 60 percent don't want a tax increase. We've been told the people are behind Barack Obama although his favorability rating is down to 40 percent and just about everyone thinks the country is heading in the wrong direction. Harry Reid thinks the Tea Party is not actually a part of the American people. But nobody likes him because nobody likes Congress.

Maybe the reason nobody likes Congress is because they insult our intelligence daily. They build up things that aren't scary, while keeping the real scary things hidden, all in the name of getting reelected. And they've got help....

They should be ashamed, too.


Debbie said...

You can't depend on any polls any more, as we have seen this week and as you point out. They are always tweeked by who is polled, how they are polled, how the questions are asked, and what is buried in the poll and what is reported.

But, they are close, really close, CLOSE I tell you,.... to an agreement. Right....

What a sham. What a shame. What a disgusting display of lies and deception from those that are supposed to represent us, the American people.

I can barely look at them any more.

I have hopes for people like Marco Rubio. Can we build a shield around those like him to keep them from being infected with Washington-Insiderism???

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

That's what I wonder as well, Debbie. It will be a miracle if Rubio is still Rubio at the end of his term.