Monday, July 18, 2011

News of the World

The NY Times continues its saturation coverage, smelling Murdoch-Fox News blood in the water ahead of the reelection of Obama and the Dems, hoping with high hopes that the scandal takes down the entire empire. Behold, the Obama campaign 2012 begins! Nope, can't prove it, just call it a feeling.

Where was their saturation coverage of the Global Warming emails? They largely took a pass on Obama's connections with Ayers, and have failed to cover the Fast and Furious scandal and a host of other miscues. But this News of the World tabloid thing is getting the Abu Ghraib treatment.

No doubt there's some sleaze going on. We are talking about tabloids, right? Have we come to the point where people are shocked and outraged that such things could ever possibly occur at a tabloid? Or did the National Enquirer breaking the John Edwards story get rid of that facade? Right, this is Murdoch.

Oh well, it should be a feisty day in Parliament on Tuesday, with fur and feathers flying. When the dust settles maybe the mainstreamers will give us an update on debt ceiling armegeddon.

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