Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's always interesting to see what squeaks out during these big overblown showdown events. For instance, how many realize that one of the veterans who introduced John Kerry at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, and defended him vigorously against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, had his Silver Star taken away by the Navy last year? Yes, the story was just released this week.

Or how about the Senate voting 100-0 to confirm a 2 year extension on the 10 year term of FBI Director Mueller? Obama says he needs continuity in that office right now. Why? Is there some kind of emergency? Could it be this recently declared 'national emergency'?

And while the WaPo is saying that AQ's days might be numbered, the Treasury Department is telling us that Iran is harboring another AQ operator:
The Treasury Department said Iran is "a critical transit point for funding to support al Qaeda's activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan."
Read the bio of Saif al Adel, purportedly harbored by Iran after 9/11, and ask yourself who could possibly be more important right now aside from Zawahiri. If that guy was living under the blessings of the Ayatollahs then here's a newsflash for Obama--as long as they are state-sponsored, and the state sponsor is pursuing a nuke, AQ is far from defeated.

Oh, right. The debt mess. Well, Ron Paul is right, but he doesn't have any political sense. He doesn't understand that a 1995-type showdown won by Obama will not get anything done either. That's just reality. It can get worse if the Democrats win back the White House and the House next year, which is really what this whole shindig is all about.

Hopefully the Tea Party understands that if they force a default (and it will be blamed on them if they vote down anything Boehner or Reid propose) and it forces Obama to act unilaterally then the media, Hollywood, and the entire Democratic Soros machine will hammer them repeatedly until November 2012. The real target will be the fickle independents, who will make or break the election as they always do. A principled stand is fine, but it might not stand up to the onslaught. Never misunderestimate perception.

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