Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sayeth Charlie..

From the congressman who cheated on his taxes:
But when pressed on exactly what that higher power would say about America's money problems, he replied "I don't know what Jesus or Moses or anyone would say. But, the issues are so morally clear...we are our brothers keepers."

Rangel summed up his argument by saying, "You know all of this is biblical... If you read your bibles and you read the spiritual scriptures you will see that clearly that Jesus would have something to say about this debate."
Hmm. Does he also want Jesus to weigh in on gay marriage? Abortion? Sexual sin? Ethics? Sloth? Debt and taxes? How about the separation of church and state?

This shameless tactic is pretty low even for the party of shameless tactics (Charlie's not the only one to do it), especially considering the number of liberals who daily try to dismiss most of the moral absolutes coming from the very same source. But hey, they didn't get known as the party of ends justify means for nothing.

Does he realize this stuff won't fly anymore? Only sycophants and media members will be dazzled by such a hypocritical zinger, everyone else will see it for what it was--just more BS from a congressman designed to paper over a serious issue. He knows Boehner has the upper hand right now after getting Obama to admit he'd be willing--using Charlie's logic--to throw his 'brothers' under the bus in return for higher taxes (which Charlie probably wouldn't pay).

Meanwhile Boehner doesn't have to do anything but position and hold. The president can either deal with the smaller package he sanctioned Biden to negotiate or play a game of chicken with himself by challenging his own self-imposed deadline and risk what Geithner has called a catastrophe. Then again, he could reset the Biden deal and demand the smaller package contain tax increases but that would be very weak, not to mention 'messing with Joe'. Joe would not like that. Unless that's how they are planning to replace him with Cuomo!

Well, surely they'll think of some new spin to deflect all of this, perhaps consisting of the words 'bullseye', 'targeted', 'crosshairs', 'racist', 'shotgun' or some other inflammatory rhetoric only considered inflammatory when used by Sarah Palin. Plenty of time.

PEAS IN A POD 7/11/11

Obama counters quickly by dismissing the Biden deal (saving Joe) in favor of a bullying posture using Mother Superior terminology. Have to admit I didn't see "eat our peas" coming, but it's completely in character for the floating president as he hovers above the debate, scolding the little people down in green valley to hurry up and get this over with so he can get back to the course.

SHORT TERM 7/11/11

Obama actually had the nerve to stand there and declare that America doesn't do short term fixes? Really? Has he counted the number of Continuing Resolutions we are up to now without a real budget (that Pelosi was afraid to bring to a vote for fear the Blue Dogs would get tarred by Tea Partiers)?

These pressers are not real pressers, they are setups for Obama to deliver talking points. Did anyone ask him why he voted against a debt limit increase in 2006 when Bush was asking for one?


LASunsett said...

If this is Charlie's stance, then he is guilty of sin. We have been taught to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's....meaning pay your taxes.

Lying hypocrite, he is.

A.C. McCloud said...

It's hard to believe people can stoop to the level they do sometimes, but again, when your working theme is 'ends justify means' it's permissible to use Christ as a hammer and not feel bad if it works out in the end. I guess.