Monday, August 29, 2011

Al Megrahi Dying Again

Maybe this time it's for real, that is if this CNN report on Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi can be believed.

Supposedly CNN reporter Nic Robertson simply found the villa where the bomber was living, drove there, and knocked on the door. Despite a battery of security cameras, after fifteen minutes someone came and let him in. Moments later he was standing in the same room with the released terrorist convicted of killing 190 Americans (and our flagship airline to boot) who was reported to be within months of death back in 2008.

But there he was, on a gurney and unconscious strapped to feeding and oxygen tubes. No nurse, no doctor, only his mother and caring family members holding vigil. Obviously no need to put him on a plane for Scotland or America or anywhere else because clearly he might die at any minute. Like in 2008.

Even more bizarre, a transition leader said 'no deal' to handing him over to America or Scotland or anyone. Fine gratitude towards two NATO members who helped give the rebels the ability to make such a decision, not to mention Megrahi's closeness to the evil dictator they just defeated. Is this the kind of start they want to get off to, or is the hatred of the west stronger than the hatred of Gaddafi?

Then again, things might not be what they seem. The report above states that neighbors saw the Megrahi clan speed away in a Mercedes on the day Tripoli fell and that the front door was padlocked. Did they come back? Did they leave at all? Is something rotten here or, as the Brit foreign secretary alluded, have we not heard the last word?

Let's hope not because back in July we heard there was a 'secret deal' between Obama and Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Gaddafi's former justice minister and now rebel leader, for the US to get the terrorist after the regime was changed, supposedly as a condition for our continuing support of the non-war. Then last week Obama said he wanted Megrahi returned to Scotland. Hopefully all this will be cleared up soon.


LASunsett said...

I bet if he could get to Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba, or someplace where they have a superior healthcare system, he'll be healed again.

A.C. McCloud said...

Being in a Scottish prison you'd figure they would get yearly physicals and would be checked out as soon as they felt pain, so he might have been getting decent care there. We already know they were lying when they said he had 3 months to go--back in March 2008.

We also have strong evidence he was part of a swap that involved BP oil rights.

I think Gaddafi rubbed him in our faces as a last act of revenge on the west for Pan Am 103. He just couldn't resist. Maybe one day when history is written it will be called his Waterloo. As to Megrahi, he is probably not long for this world anyway, sick or not, because he was being propped up by the dictator. Who would want him now?

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Thanks for the link. Wasn't this guy seen at a sporting event just a few short weeks ago?

A.C. McCloud said...

No problem, Maggie. As to the sporting event, he made some kind of public appearance in July at the behest of Gaddafi. He was in a wheelchair but looked OK; his mere appearance was another boot in the face of the west but surely if he was able he would have been standing up doing jumping jacks so he's most likely actually ill. Funny though, if a CNN reporter can just walk in and talk you'd think the CIA could render him, but as usual there's probably backchannel stuff we peons aren't privy to.