Sunday, August 07, 2011

Rick Perry's Transcripts?

The Huff Post recently released what was purported to be Rick Perry's Texas A&M transcripts. They were not good.. a "D" in Economics. Oh my...a "D" in Shakespeare. Be darned!

But are they real? So far nobody has picked up the story in the mainstream press. Google search and you'll find the Huff Po piece and a thousand people linking to it, but nothing from the big boys.

Then again, why would they? No sooner than a story hit the net the right would be demanding to know how privacy laws were breached, who breached them, and oh by the way, why can't they be breached to show our current president's transcripts. So they are apparently taking a pass on this story. And no, a warning to candidates from NPR, or Fox Nation pointing out the disparity doesn't count as mainstream coverage.

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