Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let it Begin

The vetting, that is. Funny, undeclared candidate Sarah Palin is in Iowa this weekend and gave a pretty good interview to a CNN crew, in doing so also rebuked them for not vetting Obama in 2008. She responded with a laugh when they claimed they vetted him better than her. She was correct, of course.

Now a day after Perry declares the WaPo opens a can of China on him::
While Perry focused on Huawei’s ability to create jobs in a sluggish economy, national security experts in both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations had concluded that the global telecom giant poses a potential cybersecurity risk to U.S. military and businesses.
Dangerous! Ironically, while the WaPo was using scary China, CNN has an international story making them seem less so. Anyway, the WaPo didn't spare Huntsman, mentioning that during his time as Ambassador to China his family business in China increased by 57 percent. Just a coincidence, of course.

And that's what vetting is all about--enlightening the electorate. Only by digging under the facade of their campaign slogans and website portrayals can we get the real picture, or something close to it. Yet in 2008 they couldn't even find Bill Ayers hiding in plain sight in Chicago and have been complicit in running interference on almost every administration issue thereafter. Until lately the White House press corps has resembled a bunch of baby birds being fed by momma bird. Meanwhile, Perry's A&M grades hit the net before he had even declared.

Who knows, the WaPo might be correct about Perry. Perhaps he's a wolf wearing a sheep's costume like most other politicos, including the one in power now. If so, doesn't that leave only a few 'real' candidates who don't seem beholden to big business, unions, or other cartels? Candidates such as the Mama Grizzlies and Ron Paul? Anyone else?


Debbie said...

I'm still holding back on my opinion of Perry for this very reason, I don't know much about him. There are no perfect candidates I suppose, but I do like Palin who probably won't run. I like Bachmann, I could vote for Santorum if I had to. Cain won't make it, Bolton probably won't run.

As to the media vetting the candidates, we have to dig through the bias to get to the truth. As you say, too bad they were not interested in vetting Obama. Of course, John McCain wasn't interested in vetting Obama either, thus we got Obama.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I'm sure McCain was afraid of being called a racist.