Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Onyango Obama

Interesting. On the same day we find out that Obama's half-uncle Onyango Obama (aka Uncle Omar) was in the country illegally violating a deportation order and using a social security number we are not allowed to know much more about President Obama's social security number due to privacy concerns. Some claim it has a Connecticut prefix suggesting issuance there, which if true is odd because there's no evidence Obama ever lived in Connecticut (nor did his father at the time of issuance contrary to Bill O'Reilly's flip explanation).

Ok no, it's not the biggest story in the world, but it does illustrate the problem inherent with illegal immigration when juxtaposed with large inefficient bureaucracies sprinkled with politics. Case in point, ABC's daily 9/11 remembrance series highlighting major events on the days leading up to the fateful day features this blip for August 29th about hijacker pilot Ziad Jarrah:
United flight 93 hijacker Ziad Jarrah obtains a Virginia driver's license from the DMV in Springfield, Virginia, using the address of illegal immigrant Luis Martinez-Flores. Flores had already allowed two other hijackers to claim they lived at his address
Left Tennessee residents might remember a very strange incident that occurred here in the months following 9/11 involving a DMV clerk arrested and charged with selling drivers licenses to five middle eastern illegals, along with her untimely demise in a fiery auto crash one day before her scheduled testimony. The illegals had possession of security passes allowing access to the bottom floors of the WTC. That case was never solved.

As to Uncle Omar, according to "Dreams" it's possible he's been in the states since 1963, the same year Stanley Ann divorced Obama Sr and married Soetoro. Reports say Omar has had the social security number since 1992 but is it possible he got it much earlier, such as after arriving on a work visa, then just kept it.

Or perhaps he got it fraudulently as in the Memphis incident. Nothing will be learned from Social Security due to privacy concerns but somebody is probably already in process of FOIA'ing his INS folder (as they did with Obama Sr), which could be interesting. It could get even more interesting if someone finds out his SSN contains a Connecticut prefix (attach tin foil hats firmly at this point of the ride) but chances are the uncle has been incommunicado for a long time and uninvolved in Barack's life. Or did he actually have a White House phone number? Oh well, probably nothing.

MORE 9/2/11

According to Jay Carney, HE was the one who told president Obama about uncle Omar on Monday August 29 (contrary to this CNS article). Onyango was busted on August 24 while Obama was vacationing in Martha's Vinyard. Of course there's no way of knowing if and when the president was told but it does seem strange that reporters wouldn't ask if he had any opinion on the matter, like whether anyone acted stupidly, etc.

They did say Uncle Omar would not get special treatment (as if they'd admit otherwise), but the same was also said about Omar's sister Aunt Z, who also ignored a deportation order and was rewarded. More to the point, the reporters should have asked whether the INS's new prosecutorial discretion rules come into play. The reporter highlighted in the CNS story appeared to be ashamed for even asking, although to be fair he's probably worried about his job.


Debbie said...

We can't get confirmation on Barack Obama's SSN,(or grades) I'm doubting anyone will do much research into Aunt Zetuttie(?) or Uncle Omar.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Somebody, maybe Taitz, will FOIA Uncle Omar's immigration file. I doubt he walked across the Mexican border in the 60s. Maybe a work or student visa and he just overstayed and got away with it all these years.