Sunday, August 21, 2011

Briefly on the West Memphis Three

Rarely do I agree with much of anything the Firedoglakers say (even ex FDLer's), and I haven't followed this case very closely since the initial resolution, but their post, despite the hyperbole, contains a seemingly obvious point:
Let’s be honest, no prosecutor in his right mind walks these three men out the front door of the courthouse if he truly believes they are guilty and there is even the slightest chance in hell he can make the charges stand up in a retrial. And no prosecutor lets them do it through Alford pleas. I do not care what kind of happy pablum they spew to the television cameras and press, it is really just that simple.
It really does have the smell of a CYA. From reading press reports it appears the state is saying they still believe they got the right culprits and therefore they see no need to look for the real killer(s), but they might lose a retrial on a technicality so the families and public will have to settle for 18 year sentences for one of the most gruesome murders in regional memory. In other words, they finally made it go away.

Then again, if the WM3 were really interested in clearing their names and knew the state was reluctant to go into a retrial for fear of losing, why not push them into a retrial before accepting a deal? Or just go ahead and insist the trial? That would have served to clear their names once and for all AND perhaps shone some light on the real killer(s) and the alleged corruption that took place back in 1993.

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