Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Ready hear a lot more about terrorism as we approach the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Thing is, we'll probably be hearing a lot less about the threats from AQ this year and more about other kinds of emerging threats. Obama says he's not worried so much about another spectacular attack from the cave freaks because they've been degraded, especially in the last 2-3 years, it's those lone wolves we need to watch:
"The risk that we're especially concerned over right now is the lone wolf terrorist, somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide-scale massacres of the sort we saw in Norway recently," said Obama.
Or Fort Hood, which actually occurred here in America. Oops, wouldn't want to jump to a conclusion. Workplace violence is a horrible problem. But you get the drift. 9/11 brings to mind national security, which has always been a GOP issue, and the administration brains have no doubt been using theirs to find a way to counter that feeling going into September. So, get ready to hear that we've practically defeated AQ (in the last 2-3 years) so now we must be vigilant for preppers going to their local gun or surplus shop and using a form of legal tender known as cash.

Also, get ready to finally start hearing more about Libya. Media observers will note that after a near blackout we've recently seen a small burst of activity about how our non-war of protecting rebels and hoping Gaddafi becomes collateral damage is going. That's likely because things are starting to go well for the rebels and they can see Tripoli from their huts. They've cut some critical supply lines and NATO has been flying sortie after sortie (evidently including us?) to put the pressure on. Somebody must sense a coming declaration of great victory just as the GOP terrorists Congress returns in September. Timing is everything in politics.

It's 50/50 on whether the football spiking will be subdued--too much attention might provoke somebody to review the 'days not weeks' comment--but there's no doubt it will be played to some degree along with the bin Laden operation going into September. Don't misunderstand--getting both is a good thing, both for America and the free world, but doing so also bolsters O's national security chops (of course, all will be forgiven in the area of law-breaking the War Powers Resolution because we got our man). They may even find al-Megrahi and drag him back to the states for trial. All of which will be hard for GOP contenders to negatively spin. If all goes according to plan, of course.


notlisted said...

Whatever Obama says, you can be sure the opposite is true. They are ramping up their "white right wing" terrorist mantra. Obama hasn't cared one bit about ground zero or the events of 9/11, but you can be sure he will be there lapping up whatever he can at the 10th anniversary. And the poor first responders won't be allowed to be there, they will have to celebrate the day after. (if some of them live that long)

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notlisted said...

Oops, not sure what happened to my name there, Blogger has lost it's mind


A.C. McCloud said...

Better be careful Debbie, they're on to ya!