Friday, October 14, 2011

Faster and more Furious

This is rather fascinating, considering it's coming from CNN..

So it's pretty clear Holder was not truthful in his first appearance and that a subpoena to testify under oath could be a major problem. The question many are asking is whether the release of the Iran murder plot details (remember, the arrest occurred in September) was non-coincidental or a cover/distraction from this Holder issue. There's no doubt about the timing. As to the meat of the case, one would assume they have tapes and transcripts and some method to the madness in releasing something so sensitive requiring a public response.

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Debbie said...

Time for Holder to "spend more time with his family", heh

I can't stand Eric Holder, never thought he should be in this position in the first place. The incident with the Brotherhood guys threatening voters showed Holder out to be exactly who he is, he should have been fired then. But we know he is doing his master's bidding.

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