Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Six for the Ages

Game Six---I don't believe what I just saw. What a season this has been for baseball fans, and what a ride it's been for Cardinals fans.

As to the call, like father, like son..

Hopefully game seven won't be a let-down, but it's gonna be hard to top what happened last night. I almost wish both teams would line up and shake hands after it's over before either team goes crazy.

THAT'S A WINNER!!! 10/28/11

What a series for baseball, the Midwest, and the pride of the National League and second most successful franchise in the sport, the St. Louis Cardinals. Neither team really deserved to lose, but let's face it--the Rangers got run over by destiny. The Cards got the Wild Card on the last day, got home field advantage thanks to the NL winning a rare All Star Game, then got a very fortunate one-day rainout that not only took the momentum away from the Rangers but allowed ace Chris Carpenter to get an extra day of rest and pitch 6+ strong innings. They were used to playing with their backs against the wall, and just kept doing it. The stars were aligned.

That was no more evident than with game six where the series was basically won--in my opinion and with all due respect to the Red Sox and Carlton Fisk and many others--the best World Series game ever played. Not because of the quality of play, but due to the gritty quality of the character and heart of BOTH teams who kept fighting and fighting like a pair of heavyweights going 15 rounds. Who has ever been down to a last strike twice and come back 2 runs in an elimination game?

They're in no mood now, but congrats to Nolan Ryan and the Rangers for another successful year and for building a classy team. But my personal thanks (for what they're worth) go to Tony LaRussa and John Mozeliak and the Cardinals for giving this long-time fan, who used to listen to KMOX on a transistor radio in bed under the covers (sorry Mom), the baseball thrill of a lifetime. Somewhere Jack Buck is smiling.


Here's CNN covering the victory and giving credit to a catcher who doesn't play on the Cardinals:
Another one of the stars of Friday's game was Cardinals' catcher Bengie Molina, who had two hits and knocked in two RBIs.
That's a neat trick, since Yadier Molina is the one who plays on St. Louis. His brother Benjie got a ring playing with Anaheim in 2002, as did his other brother Jose. It's a picky error to point out, but hey, it's CNN.

There were some good signage at the ballpark seen during the postgame. My favorite--"We messed with Texas" (with all due respect to my Texas friends). And of course, "baseball heaven"--one of the few remaining enclaves in football-crazy America.

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