Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Bye Gaddaffi

Yeah, he dead.

Congrats to the rebels. They did this the hard way, a way that wouldn't have worked in Iraq and isn't working so far in Yemen or Syria. We helped, although it's unknown how many civilians we successfully protected by bombing and strafing--hopefully Amnesty International and the other lefty war groups will have those numbers soon.

And too bad they didn't capture him alive so the world could see the trial, which could have allowed some revelations about his connections here, there and yonder. But so it goes. Another dictator ends his reign in a hole. Now the international community has to figure out their role in helping to stand up the new country, and the Libyans have to figure out what kind of country they want. Hopefully it's one that will stand with the west in fighting terrorism/extremism.

Oh, and before anyone goes on a victory parade of accolades for our leader, they should remember this.

GIDDY 10/20/11

We came, we saw, he died. Don't mess with Hillary the warmonger neocon!

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