Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sheer Nonsense

Here's Harry Reid, proposing a 5 percent surtax for the next ten years on those making over a million per year, to pay for Obama's jobs bill. Remember, Obama was planning to pay for it by raising taxes on Dick Cheney, or big oil, whichever was determined to be more evil, until Democratic Oil Senators like Mary Landrieu balked:
“I applaud Senator Reid’s leadership in finding a way to pay for President Obama’s jobs package that doesn’t onerously target a single sector of our economy that is critical to our economic recovery and energy security,” Landrieu said. “The oil and gas industry contributes billions of dollars to our economy each year and supports more than 9 million American jobs, including 300,000 in Louisiana. I am pleased that Leader Reid heard our concerns and has taken a much-improved approach to paying for this important legislation.”
Meanwhile, the hack WaPo story that included that quote includes this one:
One of the few groups opposed to increasing taxes on those earning more than $1 million dollars a year is tea-party supporters.
Which is odd, because in the NY Times writeup on Reid's Class Envy Tax it says the following:
“It’s interesting to note that independents, Democrats and Republicans and even the Tea Party agree it’s time for millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes,” Mr. Reid said Wednesday.
In other words, they are just pulling this crap out of their collective arses.

Let's face it, the Democrats are forced to stick with Keynesian fixes, which haven't worked, which means the economy won't come back before 2012. The only thing left is to pull a class envy card and make it appear that it's not Obama and Keynes failing to bring back jobs, it's the Tea Party of No.

And there are enough morons in this country who will fall for it.

Hell, there are enough people out of work and desperately wishing for any miracle out of Washington that it will work. Hence the poll--75 percent believe millionaires aren't paying 'their fair share' (as determined by Democrats). And the GOP has never been good at refudiating this stuff. Can Herman Cain?

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