Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Flight!

St. Louis wins the battle of the beers (as Yankee fans switch channels and pretend the season is already over and they won by default). The Cardinals, who squeaked into the Wild Card on the last day of the season thanks to a Phillies sweep of a hollowed out Braves, went on to bite the hand that fed them--the best team in the NL--with an NLDS game five 1-0 shutout over those same Phils. Tonight they polished off the second best team in the NL in a slugfest, a series where the starting pitchers never went beyond the 5th inning. Now they get home field advantage in the World Series courtesy of that very same team's slugger, whose home run helped win the All Star Game. What a bizarre season.

Did I mention the Yankees are out of it?

Oh well, extra baseball is good, at least for real baseball fans who don't live on the east coast. Onward ho to to face the Texas hombres of George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan. The Cards are going to need more than a rally squirrel, most likely.

And yes, it's a mid-America World Series, no doubt a ratings nightmare for Fox TV with an audience consisting of mainly flyover country bitter clinger redneck George W. Bush. Bring it on!


Drudge has a story suggesting the local chapter are considering some kind of occupy action at Busch Stadium, possibly to include a streaker. Maybe the Occupy Wall Streeters have realized that the last two teams standing in baseball--St. Louis and Texas, are owned or associated with rich evil neocons. The Cardinals are owned by Yale grad Bill DeWitt, good friends with George W. Bush--himself the former owner of the Rangers. Texas is now owned by Republican Nolan Ryan. Maybe they can get a new truther movement going.

Meanwhile First Lady Michelle Obama will be in attendance Wednesday on behalf of military families, and of course to witness any streaking activity by her husband's newly adopted movement. No word on who will throw out the first pitch. And reportedly there's also a game.

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