Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hello, Nancy

There's so much wrong with this clip it's not even funny--not only from Pelosi but from the doe-eyed reporter letting her get away with it. But OK, Miss Nancy is still rolling with the unproven meme about a congressman being 'spit on' by a Tea Party protester in DC and thinks the OWS folks are basically patriots for simply expressing their voice as the constitution allows. Time to call up the wayback machine for a minute...and not so wayback at that..

You see, the OWS people are simple patriots speaking their mind, but Americans she doesn't like are robotic fascist astroturfers..

Maybe she doesn't realize there's an internet. Or maybe she doesn't care, knowing that only bloggers and talkers like Limbaugh will be calling up such relics from her past while mainstream reporters will be struggling hard to understand why those drums and tambourines are being beaten so loudly, and how the GOP was responsible. As Herman Cain says, anything but focusing on the actual problem. BTW, Cain is very poised but he needs to be--these same people will soon be calling him a racist without pausing one second to consider the absurdity.

MORE 10/10/11

This comment jumped out at me from a Daily Mail roundup up of the festivities:
'We realise that Occupy Wall Street is calling for systemic change. We are honoured to join you in this call to take back our nation and democracy' -Ben & Jerry's
Ah yes, Ben and Jerry's...which is now owned by Unilever. In other words Ben and Jerry sold out, just like capitalist pigs. As to the support statement, it's likely just a marketing ploy. Who are the protesters going to "take back the country" from? The Democrats hold a majority of power and Obama was elected to take back the country. But it's the symbolism that counts, not the substance.

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