Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frosted Lucky Campaign Gimmicks

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate.  In Irish news, campaign staffers of noted Irishperson Barack Hussein Obama have now "corrected" a campaign clover design to be more historically accurate without admitting any wrongdoing in choosing the symbol of Lucky the Leprechaun over the symbol of the Irish:
Last month, many Irish-American Obama supporters were surprised to find a four-leaf clover plastered on their St. Patrick’s Day themed merchandise, considering the three leaf shamrock is a typical symbol seen on St. Patrick’s Day. But the latest t-shirt available on their online store bears a proper shamrock. “Due to the overwhelming popularity of our O’Bama Tee,” the ad reads, “we are expanding our line of Saint Patrick’s Day fashion!” “Now you can buy the “O'Bama” Tee and the “I Shamrock O’Bama” Tee together in our new pack.”
When combined with the Rusty Hayes urban legend debacle it gives a whole new meaning to the term 'crack investigative staff'. Anywho, it's Saturday..


Right Truth said...

That's funny, 4 leaf clover is for luck, hopefully he will need lots of luck to win a second term. (I pray he does not)

I used to grow Shamrocks, had several pots of them, they are a neat plant.

The band is playing tonight for a St. Patrick's Day party, Rock-n-Roll and no politics. What a night.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Hope it was a fun night. Everyone needs a break.