Sunday, March 04, 2012

Pondering Super Tuesday

Thinking today....who's the candidate closest to Andrew Breitbart as to fighting spirit?  Who pushes back harder on the ridiculous media memes?  Who seems to be the most articulate?  Who appears as fearless?

Then I saw this..

Wow, Breitbart was there.

But wait... more thoughts.   What's the most important issue this cycle?  Is it jobs?  Yeah sorta, but the jobs will eventually come back in time even if the president takes six months off and returns to Bali to work on another book.  People eventually need new cars and washing machines and shoes for the kids and the next Apple thing.

Is it the debt?  Yes, but that's a long term prospect.  We need someone who truly believes it's an issue, but both sides have to work within Congress, even a president Ron Paul.    

Obamacare?  Bingo.  Having the government controlling health coverage and decision-making is a HUGE CHANGE, certainly part of the change Obama promised.  Once DC controls health costs they have an excuse to mandate other things to keep those costs under control.  If they can mandate insurance coverage they can mandate things to lower insurance costs.  We are losing enough freedom as it is.

Meanwhile as the press focuses on birth control pills, condoms and Rush Limbaugh, Obama just essentially compared America's problems to those faced by Ghandi and Mandela in a speech talking about how slow change can be.  Really?  Did he just use a clumsy analogy or does he actually think our problems are akin to those faced by Mandela and Ghandi?  Shouldn't someone ask, because if so we ain't seen nothing yet in the change department.

In other words, the nominee has to be someone who can best win the argument on health care and creeping statism in general.  Can Romney?  This story should do him in once and for all.  Yes, he advocated market-based solutions instead of single payer, but he advocated for government-run insurance.  Now he says he'll repeal it.  Why?  It's basically his idea.  Splitting hairs over federal versus state will be a tough sell.   And Newt has his own baggage on healthcare and kumbayaing with liberals, not nearly as much, but some is likely still rotating around the carousel at Hartsfield.  Who does that leave?

Santorum.  Rick Santorum.  Leader of the free world.  No offense, but I'm having trouble visualizing it.  And Paul?  The vision is one of mass chaos.  Besides, the lefty media hasn't even begun to vet him.  

Anyway, Super Tuesday is coming, tick tock. The decision has not been made.  Considering the options is almost painful.  There's just gotta be someone, someone else.  Can't help but look at pictures like this and wonder...

...whether the GOP really wants to beat Obama...or stop Obamacare.  


Right Truth said...

Seems the votes are almost in and Santorum takes Tennessee and OK. None of these guys are anywhere near being Breitbart. Sad.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Gingrich is the only candidate who can come up against Obama in a debate and win. But he gave a less than enthusiastic speech tonight. So did Santorum. Romney cannot possibly debate Obama on healthcare, the single most important issue. Just not seeing any jazz in the base for any of these guys. Maybe when it gets down to crunch, maybe.

I think the GOP wants to retake the Senate, and that's how they plan to put some brakes on Obamacare, taxes and debt. Their lineup for 2016 looks pretty good.