Sunday, March 11, 2012

Louis and the Correspondents

So it appears comedian Louis CK has bailed on hosting the Radio and TV Correspondents dinner in June due to "conservative outcry", at least according to the LA Times.  They admit there was no official reason given so it appears the writer jumped to that conclusion based on stuff like this.  But wouldn't that be caving to Fox News?   If so, perhaps an MSM first.

Or maybe not.  Maybe the Times is throwing out that preemptive explanation to hide another reason, which would be completely self-serving.  Consider all the dignified correspondents sitting in a half-drunk or full-drunk mode laughing to the insanely politically incorrect (do you need a nsfw warning?) anecdotes, then going out on Monday and writing the next story about the latest horrible thing Rush Limbaugh said.  A bit of a hypocrisy problem, not to mention that it might dilute Limbaugh right in the middle of War on Women.  Cooler heads must have prevailed.

MORE  3/11/12

The Hollywood Reporter is trickling out more information that suggests that no, Louis didn't give in to pressure from Fox News, he just doesn't want to do it anymore.   OK.   The gig had been booked in January, before both the Rush brouhaha and the Catholic-contraception blowup.   It makes sense he wouldn't want to insert himself into that cauldron, perhaps being pressured to self-sensor.  It also makes sense that some power brokers in the Democratic Party don't want to do anything to jeopardize the War on Women.    

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