Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Under Attack

Update on uncle Obama:
“After a thorough review, we felt it was in his interests to end the matter without any further proceedings. He’s glad to have this behind him,” said Obama’s attorney P. Scott Bratton.

The attorney added that Obama wants to “get on with his life” and to “get on with his normal quiet existence in society.”

As for Obama’s illegal alien status, his attorney added the deportation proceedings were due to his failure to “renew immigration paperwork.” Bratton said he expects that to be resolved, but he did not elaborate.

When he was arrested by Framingham police, he suggested his first call should be to the White House. A spokesman for the president told the Herald that call was never made. He actually called his boss at Conti’s Liquors.
One has to wonder how bad he would have fared had there not been a war against him. At least those barbarians allowed him to stay out of jail until the inauguration next year. But paperwork? Really? Just for wanting to live a quiet, normal illegal existence? Outrageous!

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