Friday, March 09, 2012


Is it just a coincidence that Harvard professor Derrick Bell's most famous theory involved a space ship..
In the story, as Professor Bell later described it, creatures from another planet offer the United States ''enough gold to retire the national debt, a magic chemical that will cleanse America's polluted skies and waters, and a limitless source of safe energy to replace our dwindling reserves.'' In exchange, the creatures ask for only one thing: America's black population, which would be sent to outer space. The white population accepts the offer by an overwhelming margin. (In 1994 the story was adapted as one of three segments in a television movie titled ''Cosmic Slop.'')
Another famous racial thinker also uses space ships to make some kind of point:
As a core belief, the Nation believes that there is a massive airship in the sky that they refer to as “the Mother Plane” or simply “the Wheel” and that the government is trying to keep its existence hidden from the general public. THe nation also believes that the Mother Plane is extremely powerful and could destroy the entire world. In 1985, or so he says, Farrakhan ascended into the Wheel where he heard the voice of previous Nation leader Elijah Muhammad speak to him.
As Big Govmint indicates, Bell endorsed Farrakhan's brash ways.  Yeah, it's a thin reed of association, just thought the spaceship thing was weird.  Farrakhan's aliens aren't the kind of racist aliens Bell envisions who would gladly accept the entire black race in exchange for curing global warming and ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.  Then again, if the aliens in Bell's example are actually Farrakhan's aliens that could represent an analogy conundrum. 

The bottom line on Breitbart's bombshell on Bell is that it wasn't designed to be a bombshell, only part of a mosaic of ideology that attracted the current president, one heretofore unexplored by the sympathetic media who failed to take much interest.  It's hard to imagine those same fourth estate stalwarts would ignore McCain or Romney embracing a John Bircher or even a Klan member.

More will come out no doubt, because that's how Breitbart played his cards. He's managed to get Bell's writings in the mix even from the grave (one wonders if they are on speaking terms in the great beyond at this point) and has allowed at least one MSM journalist to beclown herself.  Time will tell if his replacements have the same knack and staying power.

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