Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bringing Men Together

From the traffic counter....

Notice the search referral:  "bouncing nude boobs".  Notice the source: UAE.

Now, it's impossible to say whether this was a strict Muslim sneaking into the den with the laptop or some sinful western apostate tourist.  But I'm going with the Muslim guy.  Why?  Because men are men.  We all like boobs, well, at least most of us.  It doesn't matter if we wear khakis and golf shirts, jeans and tees, or white gowns with funky head gear--deep down all the same. 

The visitor was probably disappointed, though.  These searches usually go to one of the most popular posts of all time on this low traffic juggernaut of a blog, one entitled "Boobs, Buds and Birthers".   It was actually just another ho-hum post about politics but included a link to a picture with a woman with artificial boobs the size of basketballs--fully clothed of course--to make a point about a proposed tax on cosmetic surgery.

But there you have it.  Of all the posts on this site, 99 percent of which deal with politics, terrorism or aviation, the most popular post is one that mentioned boobs.  It shouldn't be surprising.  It's not.  It's how the google works.  It's how a man's brain works.  Did you see the girl who brought down the Secret Service?  In one respect I'm glad to be able to bring men of the world together on a subject we all agree on but on the other hand some probably hate me for wasting their time.  But it's what a provocative title can do.  Now, if I wasn't so scrupulous I would put the word boobs in every single title.  Come to think of it, that actually might work pretty well for most of the political posts.          


Right Truth said...

Go for it. But the thing that really gets the hits from the Arab/Muslim world is sex with animals. A friend did a little research and that was the overwhelming big "hit", ha

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I really think the sexual hang ups are a main part of the anger that leads to violent jihad. Certainly something western media will never fully explore (it's poverty, or Israel, or Great Satan, etc).

Let's face it, we are all basically pigs whether from the east or west, but at least we in the west champion equal opportunity. That takes effort by both sexes.