Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Another Contrail

What is it about contrails? Some people think they are actually chemical sprays coming from the government to kill everyone; others confuse them with missiles and meteors...

Just take a look at that report and marvel at the profound ignorance and sensationalism. All over a damned airplane.

On the other hand this was likely not a contrail, but it caused very little stir.


Right Truth said...

When our daughter was very little she would look up in the sky on a clear day and see all the contrails. She knew that jets airplanes were making them, but she was still young enough that she didn't understand fully. She thought that they were up there for the PURPOSE of making the contrails, and wondered how they got some of them to be so close together, side-by-side, and others were like an X crossing over each other.

All random of course from the point of a contrail, but very precise from the point of an air traffic controller, ha.

We know that some missiles have been called contrails....

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't fault some yahoo for looking up at dusk and seeing the sunset illuminating a contrail and thinking it's something else. As usual my ire is reserved for the media people who are there to explain what's happening, who are just as clownish if not more than the original witness. Just goes to show--to get the real story you need TV, blogs, websites, twitter, and message boards. Most don't have time for all that, so they believe the evening news.