Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glad his Faith is Restored

So Jonathan Capehart of the WaPo had his faith restored by the Murder Two charge laid on Zimmerman. Thank heavens. But what about our faith in the mainstream media?

For example here's Capehart, in the column on restored faith, repeating an already debunked ABC News distortion:
Zimmerman would be arrested and released because of his assertion of self-defense and Florida’s insane “Stand Your Ground” law. But nothing about his story made sense. Least of all his claim of having a broken nose or having his head repeatedly basehed into the sidewalk after a video was released of his arrival at the Sanford Police Department just 35 minutes after he killed Trayvon. It would reveal a relatively unscathed Zimmerman, not the man who said he was fighting for his life.
No doubt this has been an emotional issue for people of color but Capehart is a journalist working for a major influential paper, not an MSNBC host. He should at least try to keep up with the latest facts so as not to appear a hack. Just yesterday his own paper was heralding a tale told by Zimmerman's un-hired pro-bono spokeslawyers about being abandoned by George, who was on the run in another state. Title: "where is George Zimmerman"? Sounds dramatic and unhinged--the unstable killer is fleeing!

But again debunked--this time by the same prosecutor who just 'restored faith' in the system. Zimmerman turned himself in--in Florida--and hired a real legal team. The man had death threats and even the POTUS coming down on him. The Attorney General just congratulated one of the guys stirring the racial pot. Maybe Mr. Capehart doesn't actually read newspapers.

Not to say things were initially done correctly in this case, maybe they weren't. Cronyism exists, but cronyism isn't always a racial problem. Take for example the Martha Moxley murder case in Connecticut where the Kennedy's were involved. Pressing for justice in the American way, but becoming an advocate to the point of distorting facts, smearing people or deliberately misleading the public in pursuit of such a thing is not. Maybe now that Mr. Capehart's faith is restored in the justice system he can work to start restoring our faith in the fourth estate.

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