Monday, April 16, 2012

Farrakhan in Memphis

Drudge is trying to sensationalize Farrakhan's comments made at LeMoyne-Owen college in Memphis Saturday night by linking Breitbart's clip. Not to defend Calypso Louie but he was probably not talking about actionable intelligence. Then again, it's hard to say, we're talking about a guy who just called Jesus a Muslim.

The local paper doesn't provide much context, mentioning his visit and pointing out his past comments about the H1N1 virus conspiracy but nothing about leaders being imminently killed. They did quote an event organizer as follows:
Saturday, LeMoyne-Owen student government president SimmieRay Dinkins said Farrakhan's sometimes-provocative remarks were no deterrent in the school's pursuit of him as the conference's keynote speaker.
Great. Maybe they'll invite Herman Cain or Condi Rice in the near future if they haven't already. Meanwhile, as to the man Pastor Jeremiah Wright once bestowed with an award for greatness, it's just another normal speech.

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