Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Not the Onion

Good grief, is there any rule of law left? We have the president saying it's 'unprecedented' for the Supreme Court to overturn a Congressionally-passed law, which seems pretty darn close to their exact mission statement. As punishment the 5th Court of Appeals is giving the admin a homework assignment, which itself seems pretty unprecedented. Sorta like the notion of one political party forcing Americans to purchase insurance.

Now the president's illegal alien half-Uncle Omar, who just lost his driver's license for 45 days as a result of a plea in his drunk-driving case (ramming a police car) gets a 'hardship' license so he can illegally stay in America and drive back and forth to his job at a liquor store. Remember the old days when losing your drivers license was supposed to be a hardship?

It's simply impossible to make up this stuff.

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