Friday, April 13, 2012

Mitt Rockney is Just Too Rich

Or something, so says Maxine Waters..

So all this apologizing about insulting Ann Romney by using the oldest Democratic trick in the playbook (remember Bush 41 not knowing the price of milk--even if that wasn't quite accurate) is just another trick. They are trying like mad to continue the war on women while stoking class envy by using flacks to brand the Romneys as Thurston and Lovey, out-of-touch rich white people who don't suffer like the rest of us. The ultimate goal is getting out the narrative. Since it looks crass coming from the White House they use surrogates then the good cop, bad cop tactic. Yep, that's the winning strategy of these damn divisive statists. Thing is, it has worked before or they wouldn't be trying it.

Of course part of the narrative is that the chief sufferers didn't have the "luxury" (another code word) of Michelle being a stay-at-home mom. Wondering... since they are Democrats, and considering Michelle's above-average wages during the time her children were born, maybe somebody should ask why Obama didn't consider staying home. Seems kind of sexist to just consider the mom giving up the career.

MORE 4/13/12

Andrew Malcolm, a former LA Times blogger, asks someone to identify the angry doppelganger currently filling in for the president; the NY Times Blog tacitly acknowledges the anger, calls it a strategy, questions its usefulness, but provides some helpful tips.

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Right Truth said...

Exactly right. This time their strategy did not work. Good point on Moochelle and Barack

Right Truth