Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Aviation Update

It's nice to see that American Airlines has given up blaming its loose passenger seats on spilled cola and has returned to blaming their maintenance, soon to be about 450 people lighter. Geez, what a clusterfark.


This story is rather sensational:
A Boston man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport wearing body armor and carrying a significant cache of weapons.
It goes on to describe the weapons, mainly a smoke grenade, an axe and some knives "in his luggage". But it doesn't say 'carry on' luggage. So in essence this man boarded a plane in Japan with all of the above in his checked luggage, in the cargo hold, unreachable during flight.  He was arrested in Los Angeles on the way for having what the Japanese allowed (unless they missed it).

So OK, maybe he was nuts or about to go there.  Or maybe he was wearing body armor and flame-retardant pants because he was afraid some crazy Muslim might try to take over the plane and wanted to be ready.  Is it illegal to wear those items as in-flight attire?

MORE  10/9/12

The LA Times is reporting that the prohibited items were actually in the man's 'carry on' luggage.  A bio-suit, body bags, respirator, smoke grenade and assorted knives?  That's some neat packing based on the one bag restrictions they have on many airlines now.  Maybe that's how he got it through Japanese security.   Or maybe it was this!

MORE  10/10/12

Not to belabor this story, which sounds like a less-than-brilliant 20-something who is either paranoid or was planning one helluva Halloween party, but this NBC story says the items were indeed in his 'checked' luggage.  It's sad when our intrepid media can't get a small but very important fact such as this correct. 

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