Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Up For the Job

The administration has finally come clean on what everyone already knew--the events of 9/11/11 were terrorist attacks and there were no spontaneous riots in Benghazi triggered by a movie clip.  They haven't gone so far as saying the initial event in Cairo was almost surely about releasing Sheikh Abdel-Rahman, but that's a bridge too far.   The last thing they need with three weeks left before the election is to cut open that shark and have the 90s spill out all over the dock.  Bin Laden is dead, after all. 

I don't care too much for the 20/20 hindsight thing with terror attacks.  The left did it with Bush and it's not productive.  Nobody wants attacks and murdered ambassadors, not Bush, not Obama, not the Clintons.  Some State Department woman was being grilled today by Rep Issa about security personnel in Benghazi--yeah, we obviously didn't have enough.  Decisions are made and sometimes they aren't correct.  AQ is still the culprit here, just as they were on 9/11/01.  They have once again proven themselves to be a relentless and dangerous enemy not bound by silly campaign season sloganeering. 

That said, the problem with Benghazi is the cover-up.  It's always the cover-up.  As Maguire says (after coming out of the Cheney bunker) the admin tries to 'win every news cycle'.  To do that requires a high dose of artful deception (what we call lying here in flyover country), which was used heartily in this event with the goal of pushing the sunshiny truth out past the finish line in November.  Things will become more flexible then, or so we are told   They are doing the same with Fast and Furious (add the death of Border Agent Ivie) and the parties who leaked national security secrets.  Remember?

All of which explains why Obama and company have been floating conspiracy theories about themselves on the debate flop while giving speeches about Big Bird--anything to change the conversation.   And why not?   The media has let them get away with it for over three years.  No longer, perhaps.

But maybe it's more than just the cover-up.  Here's a story about Obama using much of his two-day debate prep time in Vegas to sight-see and watch football.  It was one of the stories designed to explain why he sucked in Denver but considering the fact he's already admitted to being lazy; and based on the evolving story coming out about Libya, all of this smacks of uninvolved leadership.  Perhaps it's not too far out of line to ask whether this government job he's been holding down has become too demanding.   Like it or not America is still the only world super power, which demands high quality leadership and resolve. 

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