Monday, October 01, 2012


Does Univision have it out for Obama now with their 60-Minutes-like Fast and Furious expose?   Or are they just a normal network with normal journalists doing normal reporting?   Perhaps that testy interview awhile back where Obama blamed Bush for F&F was telling--maybe they really don't like to be fed a line of BS to garner votes.

By the way, they also reported that a bigger operation was run out of Florida, which resulted in deaths.   Can we get someone to ask whether the sting operation was worth it?  Did they get any intel on the cartel or was the whole thing just a giant fubar equivalent to a TSA checkpoint?


What was the Libyan Ambassador doing in Benghazi on 9/11?  The Times has a explanatory piece out today mentioning a meeting with the Turkish ambassador before hell broke loose around 930pm that evening.  That couldn't be done in Tripoli?  Perhaps not--which is why this post is entitled "questions" (who knows, maybe Univision is working on answers).  The Time story also mentions a possible false sense of security based on the Libyan rent-a-cops they had in place to guard the consulate, who according to the Times acted valiantly, but according to other early reports ran off in all directions when the bullets started flying.

Also, the ambassador's notebook was found in the burned out consulate 3 days later by a CNN news crew.  Had he carried it with him from Tripoli loose or was it in a secure/sensitive briefcase?  Do we know whether any secret information was removed from the complex?  It does seem like some of the AQ-linked radicals knew about the 'safe house'.  The ambassador also reportedly died of smoke inhalation while 20 other employees were able to evacuate to the safe house.  Was there some kind of reinforced panic room in the consulate?  If so did it not have proper ventilation?  Was it constructed by indigenous contractors?  

Also, does the administration/intel community have any take on USA Today's early report quoting this guy that the Cairo riots were organized by Sheikh Rahman's followers in an effort to get him released?  The administration and presumably CIA were blaming all the remaining flare-ups and attacks on Cairo, so wouldn't that suggest the uprisings were not really about the movie clip as much as freeing the Blind Shake?   


Obama is going to Vegas--again!  This time for debate prep.  Isn't that why they have Camp David available?  Wouldn't it be cheaper and less disruptive to a city Obama trashed several years ago?   Is he trying to woo some Mormons?   Hmm, well, maybe it's appropriate to choose "Sin City" and "Lost Wages" as a base for debate prep.  


LA Sunset said...

A lot of Hispanics liked Bush, far back from his days as Texas Governor. It could be that Univision is a bit miffed that Obama is continuously blaming Bush for his own misdeeds. But the answer could also be, they are being journalists and following the trail as any good journalists should do.

This much we know:

No one has suffered more from this misdeed than the people of Mexico; those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time were mercilessly caught in the crossfire of a lot of these weapons. Given the deep sense of family in their culture, they view it as a lot of people in a lot of families were killed needlessly, just so someone with a Leftist agenda could demonstrate the need for gun control in the U.S.

Their his hands...for his own purposes.

A.C. McCloud said...

Thing is, nobody has been able to prove it was a 'leftist agenda'. The POTUS has continually mischaracterized it as a Bush program that Holder ended. Even Univision hasn't uncovered a 'smoking gun control' reason for doing this.

Until then, it's not going to be a big scandal because unfortunately few really care about dead Mexicans, even the liberals who want illegal aliens to become lifetime Democrats.

What I'd like to know is if any of these programs actually got us good intel on the cartels. Supposedly that was what they were about. If not--and especially if these programs were about gun control--then they are complete and utter immoral abominations. Romney should be interjecting mention of this frequently.