Sunday, October 07, 2012


A few things not related to politics..

Did you know they are on the verge of officially naming a new cloud?  Stories say it was 'discovered' but these clouds aren't a recent production of mother nature just an oversight in the classifications.  I've seen a few in my time, usually in the transition seasons.  Here's a view of some..

Very strange, almost like some kind of Picasso or Van Gogh painting.

Turning to sports, it's the time of year where everything is in swing: baseball, hockey (sorry), football, basketball and even some leftover golf.   Too bad Chipper Jones had to go out to a shower of trash that would make Philly fans envious.  The infield fly call was technically correct but totally unnecessary at the time and possibly affected the outcome of the game, not just for the Braves but the Cards fielder might have been distracted by the ump's verbal call causing him to peel away.  MLB's attempt to heighten excitement and give the division-winning teams a reward for having a better record seems to have backfired for the traditional Wild Card winning teams, both of whom lost in the one-game playoffs.   It's almost as if they need to be spotted an extra run along with home field, but of course MLB would never go there.   

Finally, nothing related to anything and yes this is a commercial, but it made me laugh out loud..

The part where this straight arrow guy air drums a stick flip is simply hilarious. 


Right Truth said...

Interesting about the clouds, nice picture also.

I heard this morning where the Weather Channel (I think) decided unilaterally to start naming Winter storms, like hurricanes and tropical storms are named. They even picked out the names. The National Weather Service et al were not happy with the Weather Channel

Here’s its roster for the 2012-13 season:

Athena, Brutus, Caesar, Draco, Euclid, Freyr, Gandolf, Helen, Iago, Jove, Khan, Luna, Magnus, Nemo, Orko, Plato, Q, Rocky, Saturn, Triton, Ukko, Virgil, Walda, Xerxes, Yogi, Zeus.

I wish the weather channel would stick to reporting the weather. Each time we tune in, we get reality shows, rerun and re-inacted weather stories from years ago -- forget about actually getting the current weather -- unless it is somebody standing out in a storm almost getting blown over.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

The naming of winter storms could turn out to be a very bad publicity stunt for TWC. How are they going to decide which ones to name? Around the south we sometimes get ice or snow when there's not even an "L" anywhere on the weather map.