Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Other Race Speech

The left keeps screaming that "the tape was already released in 2007".  Sure, back when Hillary, Dodd, Biden, and Edwards were also culling headlines.  The fact that the entire contents weren't made public back then seems a hard sell on many of them today, along with an almost unreal denial from a few about the fake black accent.  If Obama was caught trying to speak with a British dialect would that raise their eyebrows?

The deeper thing here is message--what in the world was he trying to say?  Why was he saying that more roads should not be built in the "suburbs"?

Well, other than it being a dog whistle for a certain segment of the population it's not hard to divine a meaning---not building more roads in the 'burbs clearly means not allowing the 'burbs to keep expanding, with a funneling of that money back to the cities.   It's not surprising a Chicago pol would say it, as well as using Katrina and Los Angeles as part of the same theme..  The 'quiet riot' was caused by too much money flowing out of the city to the rich crackers in the bedroom cities.  Not fair!

One person sitting up and taking notice should be Stanley Kurtz...
They amount to an entire gamut of initiatives, some well underway, to redistribute wealth not from the fabled 1% — who really do not have enough to save us from fiscal Armageddon even if the government took 80% of their profits — but from the average, middle-class, hardworking citizens who sought better lives and realized the American dream by moving to the suburbs, where the air is cleaner, the schools are decent, and life is peaceful and integrated.
Read the book--the suburbs comment will make perfect sense. It won't run ya that many dollas. But if you are a new parent just be sure to put your baybuh to bed first.

MORE  10/3/12

CNN is running a current top headline on their website about "conservative media coordinating" on the Obama Hampton tape, which they claim was "widely reported" at the time.  They offered this story from their "Political Ticker" blog as proof.  Nowhere in the story did they comment on "suburbs" or even mention that O had voted against a bill containing elements of his demagoguery just 10 days prior to the speech.  Of course they also ignored his pandering cadence. 

So what was going on in the political world around June 5, 2007?  Looking back, this blog was reporting on the Scooter Libby sentencing.  CNN also claimed that Obama was right up there with Hillary in the polls at the time, although according to Gallup she had double digit leads for most of June and Edwards was polling in double digits behind O.   There was also a GOP debate on that night along with a lot of speculation about Fred Thompson.   The speech may have been widely reported (in some biased fashion, leaving out context and content) but it certainly wasn't big news at the time.  They are only indicting themselves by trying to pretend it was. 

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