Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gas Price Paradox

Remember what Obama said during the second debate about "bringing down gas prices"-- he equated falling prices to a faltering economy:

Fast forward a few weeks and suddenly there are stories popping up about falling gas prices, which could "help" Obama at the polls:
In a week that saw President Barack Obama poll dead-even with Republican rival Mitt Romney in the race for the White House, it may have been some relief to Democrats that gas prices have shed 17 cents in the last 12 days. While that could help boost the president's chances for another four-year term (or at least not hurt them), the drop in prices has more to do with luck than with White House energy policy.
These hopeful stories have actually been coming out since late Spring.  But let's get this straight--falling gas prices, which Obama says indicates a troubled economy, somehow helps Obama because people like falling gas prices and tie them to the president.   High gas prices mean a recovering economy, unless there are two oil men in the White House.   

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