Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Obama must be really looking forward to today.  An end will come no matter what happens--if he wins, no more campaigning. If he loses, no more campaigning.  He's been campaigning nonstop since 2004. That has to be tiring.

I have no clue who's going to win this thing. Gut feeling says Obama due to his press office known as the national elite media who've dutifully helped him dodge every incoming missile for the last four years. For instance, we've heard not a peep about the investigation into national security leaks being undertaken by two US Attorneys. Obama will even tell you his administration has been the toughest ever on prosecuting leakers--yes, except the ones from his own administration. One might think this subject would hit home with the media. One might think.

The press corpse also allowed them to run out of the clock on Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Any one of those might have scuttled a sitting Republican president's re-election hopes. 

But it wouldn't be stunning to see Romney pull it out. He's not Bob Dole. He's not George HW Bush, or even John McCain. He comes across as a moderate businessman with a decent family. And the American people are frustrated. Do a cross-country drive and you'll see a lot of lost hope in the small towns, a lot of closed stores and factories. Things have improved some since 2008 but the numbers don't support the kind of economy Obama is talking about in his last minute commercial blitz.  This isn't a typical American rebound.  It's not Reagan 1983.  So we'll see.

One thing we'll also see--if Romney wins Nate Silver might end up back at the Daily Kos.   Then again, maybe he could get a job with Fox.  After all, they pay Dick Morris.


Michelle Malkin is a bit twitchy about some of the tweets coming in threatening anyone who voted for Mitt; she should realize the left is very good at talk but not so good about coming through.   Meanwhile Obama is reportedly spending the evening with another feisty reverend who seems to believe all whites are going to hell.    Notice that when it's too late to affect the election he longer cares about being seen with someone controversial.  Might as well invited Bill and Bernadine over as well along with Farrakhan.   After all, they're right down the street.

PROPS  11/6/12

To Silver.  Looks like he nailed it.

Now, the questions.  If the GOP can't defeat an incumbent with 8 percent unemployment when can they?  Was it just the candidate?  It will be interesting to see if the evangelicals got out the vote for Mitt.  If not then the GOP may be in real trouble going forward on a national basis.   

WINNERS  11/6/12

The mainstream media.  They did a great job for president Obama.  They emerge a big winner here.
Gays and gay marriage. Openly gay senator elected.  So much for the Chick-Fil-A effect.
Deficits. Obama never put forth a rational plan to tackle them other than....
...taxing the rich.  The pressure to raise taxes and redistribute wealth will be greater than Boehner can bear and he will eventually cave or the Dems will take back the House in 2014.
Obamacare and free stuff.
Negative campaigning.
Local conservative control, as in, 30 GOP governors and other ballot measures.  

The losers were anyone and everyone who opposed the above.  Welcome to Barack America 2012, or as Drudge calls it, the Divided States of America.  The president says he has more work to do; well he did inherit a mess from his predecessor.  

CONUNDRUM  11/7/12

So the military vote in Virginia split down the middle between Obama and Romney?    Well, that sounds bizarre.  One could speculate, especially a blogger, about why such a thing could occur.  One, the military is becoming more blue because more people are joining in a bad economy.  Two, they were afraid of the sequester.  Obama made that comment during the debate that the sequester was 'not going to happen'.  That probably spoke to some pondering an extended hitch.

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