Thursday, November 08, 2012

Timing is Everything

Amazing, this news cycle thing.  Only short days after the election--while lefties lecture everyone on how to win, Boeing lays off thousands, we hear about a possible debt limit increase this year, and now find out about a US drone being attacked by Iranian fighters.  Apparently superstorm Sandy was just too overwhelming for anything else to make a headline. 

Driving home from work yesterday heard the ABC radio news person describe a 300 point drop in the Dow a day after election as being caused by "whatever".   Today WaPo tells us that Jesse Jackson, Jr is bargaining for a plea deal after winning reelection in his House seat race by a landslide.   He checked himself back into the Mao Clinic, er, sorry, the Mayo Clinic for more 'treatment' after his crushing victory and while these minor legal peccadilloes are solved.   Any Republican analog would have never been in a race. 

Oh yes, the mainstream media did report the JJ, jr story but they never tried to tie him to Obama like they tried to tie Mourdock and Akin to Romney.   And sometimes that's what bias looks like.

Oh well, back to the lectures about how to win elections. 

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Right Truth said...

No doubt there is media bias, selection of what story they will report and which they won't, how to spin, spin, spin.

I think we are all in a funk after Obama's re-election.

Right Truth