Friday, November 09, 2012

It's Friday...

..Friday afternoon after the election and before a holiday weekend, what better time for a dump?  No, not a document dump, just dumps taken everywhere, as in layoffs, plea deals, a stock market dive and now the resignation of General Petraeus.
Speculation is rampant of course.  It's easy to see why he would wait til after the election to announce this--nothing nefarious in not wanting to drop a bomb on the election, except for the scheduled congressional hearing on Benghazi next week. Allahpundit points to this story that also came out today:
Incoming Lockheed Martin CEO Christopher Kubasik has resigned after allegedly carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee, according to a company statement. He'd been appointed this summer and was set to take over Jan. 1. He previously served as president and COO of the defense giant.
Remember, the sequester will hit the military and defense contractors big time, should it occur.  And remember, it was Lockheed who threatened to issue WARN furlough notices a few months ago before the election, then backed down.  Interesting day.

MORE  11/9/12

So we now know the who and the relative when.  Why is not really important.   Reports are saying the FBI was investigating a breach of his email account--evidently by his mistress--when they ran across evidence of the affair.
The FBI was investigating Petraeus' biographer, Paula Broadwell, for strange activity on the Internet when it discovered some emails that raised concerns, according to officials familiar with the probe.
Sounds strange. How did that investigation begin? CNN elaborates:
According to a U.S. official, the FBI had a tip that Petraeus was involved with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, and investigated the alleged affair to determine whether it posed a security risk. The FBI was not investigating Petraeus for wrongdoing. The concern was that he could potentially be blackmailed or put "in a vulnerable spot," the official said.
Hmm. Someone tipped the FBI. Well, the DCIA position is one vulnerable to all kinds of infiltration efforts, including the old 'honey trap'. The General was also accused by some of throwing Hillary under the bus on Benghazi just a short while ago. So there ya go.

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Right Truth said...

Another woman tipped the Feds when she started getting threatening emails from ... the biographer. It appears she had access to Petraeus' email account, fear that classified information had been revealed? Who is the other woman? What did the wife know?

Right Truth