Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spin Winner

As we are being treated to advice on why the Republicans lost and how they can win again from jackanapes like Paul Krugman, Frank Rich and David Frum consider the real reasons Romney lost-- he got out-spun.

The Democrats successfully created an image of Mitt as a richie rich boy who didn't pay his fair share of taxes, destroyed or even killed hard-working Americans and their unions, hated women's freedom and wanted to regulate their sex and end abortion, hated dogs, puppets and gays, all while developing programs to round up all the Mexicans and put blacks back into slavery.    That's what got their base out to vote.  

Romney stuck with the obvious--the economy is not recovering and Obama made a bunch of promises he hasn't kept that have weakened America.  They thought it was enough.  It just had to be.  But it wasn't.  The political experts underestimated their business--politics.  Chicago is the capital of politics. So here we are.

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