Friday, November 02, 2012

Investigation Update

Not the Benghazi investigation--that's still coming along.  No, the investigation of national security leaks from the Obama administration conducted by two US Attorneys.  For Yemen.  And the Iran nuclear computer worm.  Involving the New York Times and AP. 

How is that coming along? When will we be seeing their report? Christmas Eve?

Meanwhile the guy who helped interrogate Abu Zubaydah and later worked on John Kerry's Senate staff was convicted under the IIPA a few weeks ago for outing a spy.

John Kiriakou, a CIA officer from 1990-2004, was convicted only of one count of divulging the name of an operative to Matthew Cole of ABC News who was investigating those who waterboarded AQ terrorists. In exchange for pleading guilty three fourths of the charges were dropped by the government, including allegations he provided information to Times reporter Scott Shane and also published his book without proper CIA scrubbing.

He's about to get as much time as Scooter Libby--who was convicted of lying to the FBI, not outing a spy. And if you don't know who this Kiriakou guy is that's by design.  Doubtful there will be a book or movie though because this guy is hard to pigeonhole.  He blew the whistle on Dubya's waterboarding, then took a job with John Kerry, then was prosecuted by Obama.  Hard to figure out the partisan hero angle.    


LA Sunset said...

// Hard to figure out the partisan hero angle.

I have to believe that there are some things that are not Bush things or Obama things, they are government things. The difference is the media paints one as all good and the other as all bad. You watch, if Romney wins, all of the homeless that have miraculously disappeared under Obama's term will all magically reappear.

One side promises they'll increase government so that no one will starve, no one will be homeless, etc. The other side says we'll reduce government so that the private sector can flourish. Neither side keeps their promises completely .

I have said before, politics is like pro wrestling. I pretend to beat you up and then you pretend to beat me up, we'll flip a coin to see who wins tonight. You hate me, I hate you. After we count our money, we'll go get a beer and watch the game.

It might not be as simple as this, but they all have more in common with each other than they do with us. That's why the media is failing us, they should be for us and excoriating both parties when they fail.

Another example is the Katrina vs. Sandy coverage.

A.C. McCloud said...

The media profits off the fake fight, though. However, most of them take sides in that fight, which leaves one side with an advantage.

It's tempting to think both parties are the same but I think there are real differences. GOP controlled govt doesn't do Obamacare, etc.

And you are spot on with the homeless analogy. Also, the economy will suddenly stop recovering if Mitt is elected, even when it does.