Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rice to McCain: See ya in the Hearings

The Times covers Susan Rice's defense of her flawed 'talking points' (she throws the intel community under the bus) by offering a tease at the end:
Ms. Rice said Wednesday that some statements by Mr. McCain about her were “unfounded.” “I look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him,” she said.
In other words, you'll see me in the confirmation hearings, you addled old cracker.

Maybe by then she'll have an answer as to what she actually knew about the incident at the time as opposed to whether she was just a know-nothing supplied with erroneous talking points to push a narrative, and if so, why she was sent out to five Sunday shows to push that narrative on the American public.  One can hope.

Anyway, since today is Thanksgiving it's traditional to express thanks for all our blessings, of which the McCloud ranch has certainly seen its share, as has America at large despite any recent setbacks.  As to a timely message, it's hard to top this one.

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Right Truth said...

I saw a clip of her comments. So she finally came out from hiding, haven't seen her in public since the Sunday Talk shows.

The Left is working overtime to spin this and if she is nominated she will probably be the next Secretary of State.

We seem to be missing the most important thing in Benghazi, that 4 Americans are dead, they did not have enough security even though they requested it, and they were denied help when it was requested during the battle. Somebody needs to answer for that. Forget about who said "terror or al-qaeda" and when they said it or why they blamed the youtube video, we know that.

The families of the dead deserve the truth and they deserve some kind of justice.

Right Truth