Saturday, October 12, 2013

Democrats Finally Negotiating

Obama appears to be negotiating.   And wow, that's just what Boehner asked the Democrats to do on September 30th--go to conference.  Both the president and Reid refused, demanding a clean CR and debt ceiling increase before they would even consider talking. 

Never mind their flip-flop on an initial refusal to take up any piecemeal bills before a clean bill was offered, which was shattered by Obama signing the fix for hero soldiers compensation, which he initially said he didn't need to do because the Fisher House had covered it (in an apparent no-bid contract with the Pentagon).  

So if they are now negotiating--on anything--it means they could have saved a lot of trouble and prevented shutting down the government had they just swallowed their pride and politics and done so before October 1.  How is this not a win for the GOP?

WELL... 10/12/13

The president has rejected the House's offer.  Members of the House have now apparently punted to the Senate to fix things, which is a basic reversal of the above construct...
“No deal as far as we’re concerned,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said as he quickly left the meeting. Rep. Raul Labrador also blew past cameras, telling reporters “it’s now all up to Senate.”
“The president is freezing out America and we’ll do everything we can to make the point that we wanted to negotiate and he took no offer,” Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., added. “It doesn’t appear as though the president wants anything except more tax revenue, more tax increases yet again.”
It's likely the Democrats realized they could not be seen negotiating with Boehner on anything because it could be portrayed as a cave from their initial demands of a clean bill only, which is what basically shut down the government.  They would then be responsible, as in "why didn't you negotiate earlier"? 

So the Senate will now have to solve this, which is in no way a 'win' for the GOP.  And if the Tea Party caucus won't play ball with whatever the Senate comes up with we are back to square one and the Democrats can fully blame them for everything. 

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