Friday, October 04, 2013

Some Damn Game Indeed

Actually it is, for both sides---a game of high stakes chicken. 

If the GOP caves they fracture the party and pretty much turn Obama into a King for the next few years.   There will be end-zone dances to make the bin Laden takedown look like a local pot bust.

If the Democrats cave they have to admit that Obamacare isn't quite the bees' knees as per earlier advertisements, but of course since their ultimate goal is single payer they wouldn't suffer that much because Obamacare is largely designed to give all Americans an entitlement to health care.  Once everyone has that they can scrap the unworkable insurance system and give everyone their entitlement.  That 1/6th of the economy becomes completely controlled by Uncle Sam. 

Think of it this way, the shutdown drama is about killing our two party system in the efforts to move America into a European socialism paradigm, perhaps for us never to return.  There will still be opposition, you say?  Just take a look at a European 'conservative'. So yes, this is a seminal moment indeed.

And they know the stakes.  The sweat on the brows is beginning to show; Boehner is getting mad, frustrated because they are deliberately refusing to do what governments are supposed to do--negotiate.   What Obama is doing with Muslim terrorists at the moment.  

Check that, Reid WILL negotiate but he's got a gun to the head of Boehner to get him there.  The Republicans must admit and accept defeat, then negotiate.  Meanwhile the great Uniter, the man who gave the Tuscon speech condemning partisan divisiveness, is actually saying the GOP has a gun to the head of America while calling them extremists.  The use of such rhetoric, ignoring the possibility of being called a hypocrite, displays the stakes.   Of course the media won't call him a hypocrite because they knew the Tuscon speech was actually a lecture to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  Yes, these people are craven.

At the same time his press spokesman, one of the biggest clowns ever allowed to filibuster the White House podium, claims there's 'no venom' between the administration and the Tea Party.  He says this with a straight face when his every other word describes them as extremists/terrorists/hostage takers/suiciders. 

RINOs/moderates can fault Cruz or Boehner for getting things to this point, but it was coming anyway.  It had to.  Yesterday a women went crazy and tried to ram barriers into our most precious institutions.  Today a man apparently set himself on fire on the National Mall.  America is more divided than ever, perhaps as divided as the Civil War days.  The police dress like soldiers and are buying small tanks and MRAPs.  And we have no national leadership.  This is not going to end well.    

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