Friday, October 18, 2013

Tea Party Against the World

As the dust settles from "Shutdown 2013, Rumble in DC" many mainstream media reporters are busy trying to contain the tingles going up their legs over the resultant civil war/soul-searching in the defeated (but there are no winners here) GOP.  Here's the reliable liberal Karen Tumulty of the WaPo using a Gore-Global Warming tactic to explain the situation..
That the government shutdown was a political disaster for the party that engineered it is widely acknowledged, except by the most ardent tea partyers.
And that near-unanimity presents an opportunity for the establishment to strike back — and maybe regain some control from the insurgent wing.
Why the reference to Gore, you say? Allow me to rephrase her comments thusly:
That the government shutdown denying man-made global warming was a political disaster for the party that engineered it is widely acknowledged, except by the most ardent tea partyers. climate change deniers.
And that near-unanimity presents an opportunity for the establishment science-based moderates to strike back — and maybe regain some control from the insurgent wing whacko bird anti-science religious nuts.

In other words, it's settled science that the Tea Party is a pack of dangerous crazies threatening the Democratic Party.  But they are so crazy the sane wise men of their own party must stop them to save the planet and maintain world peace.  Only crazy deniers would disagree with these obvious facts.  Gore would be impressed. 

That's a lot, but the rest of the article is also a must-read. Here's a choice quote from former Republican Senator Trent Lott in regards to how the leadership should handle this clear and present danger:
“You roll them,”
Roll them? Does he mean knock them over the head as they are leaving the Capitol Building or more figuratively, as in embarrassing them by having the lead establishment Republican broker a deal with Harry Reid that not only diminishes them but also includes earmarks as a final nasty middle finger message?  Lott explains:
“I do think we need stronger leadership, and there’s got to be some pushback on these guys who think they came here with all the solutions.”
Mercy, didn't these upstart rookies know that Lott and friends have all the solutions?  The fact that the country is 17 trillion in debt and saddled with a socialist president who has enacted government-control over health care is simply a bump in the road!  The coming awesome grand final solution that will lead to endless prosperity is coming some day soon.  But today is not the day, stupid punks!   Or an alternative explanation--sorry you know-it-all idealists but there are no solutions here in DC, only money to be made.    

Which is precisely why the article is worth perusing.  Lott calls the TP legislators the 'guys who came here thinking they had all the answers'.  Does he understand how clueless that sounds?   It's as if they are violating temple rules and don't understand the sausage making process that got the country into such great shape.  And good Lord, they are jeopardizing the lucrative retirement assets of scores of distinguished lawmakers to boot!  They've got kids to put through college! 

It might be useful to understand that Mr. Lott is featured in the book "This Town", which details how he went from a principled conservative who bashed lobbyists to a big time lobbyist in retirement.  In other words, this fight isn't so much about the future of America as it is the future of business as usual in Washington, DC.

Which is why Cruz' non-filibuster filibuster and the shutdown were worth it.  AMERICAN VOTERS sent these Tea Party upstart trouble-maker terrorists to Washington.  These clowns need to understand that fact.  If Lott, McCain and others have a problem with it they should address the voters, not the representatives doing what the voters wanted.   Maybe send out some direct mail to Tea Party districts and lecture the rubes on exactly how things are done. Straight talk, as someone likes to say.  Perhaps there really isn't a way to change things and reverse course from DC, but perhaps the voters need to know such a thing.

MORE  10/18/13

Here's another Beltway 'Republican' eating one of her own...
Cruz and Co. were more useful than Democrats could have hoped for as Obamacare limped out of the starting gate. One can bet that the greater the “glitches,” the bigger the megaphone for Cruz, the useful genius. The only hope for Republicans going forward is that Cruz resists the allure of his own voice.
There you go--Kathleen Parker de facto telling the voters of Texas they are stupid and their Senator should not speak anymore, all for using a different tactic in the fight to lower the debt and take on Obamacare and the rest of the coming statist juggernaut.   When considered alongside Jennifer Rubin and David Brooks, they have certainly become more useful than Democrats could have hoped.


Right Truth said...

Nice job.

The sad truth is that the Democrats know the Republican Party is divided. A third party is not an answer, at least not in the near future. Too man people listen to the propaganda, uninformed other than what they hear. I certainly don't know what the solution is.

The idea that we should let Obamacare go forward, get completely implemented and then after people see how awful it is, we do something to get rid of it.

Good luck with that. How many times in the past have we ever done away with a program like that?

Has there ever been a program like Obamacare?

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yes, agree. It's nearly impossible to repeal a program once started. They will fix the website, probably sooner than later. The MSM will be cheering (after their initial temper flareup yesterday). Then what do the conservatives do?

They need to keep hitting on the overall concept and come up with a more market-based alternative they can hammer up thru 2014. I have no faith they will.