Monday, October 21, 2013

Working on 404care, 24/7

That's the message from the White House--they are working to fix the faulty 404care site "24/7".  This has been repeated over and over.   So the question is, who?  Who is working on this site in three shifts?  Does the government now own the software, meaning government employees are doing it, or is it still a contractor providing this 24/7 repair service?

It should be the contractor, since the government had no business ever accepting such a piece of junk system without first confirming that it worked.  So did they?  Are the taxpayers now having to pay extra for the contractor to fix this what should have never been accepted?  Sounds like they are calling in new contractors (experts) because Obama says he's pissed (and that's enough).

So are these new hired guns being hired under no-bid contracts via competitive bidding? Byron York claims the implementation money has already been spent.  So again, are taxpayers being saddled with fixing something already paid for which should have never passed IOC (Initial Operating Capability) or final acceptance?   We await the HHS Czarina's testimony.  Whenever that may come.    

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Right Truth said...

I saw where Verizon has been called in to fix things. Although some are saying it can't be "fixed" but will need a complete re-do.

Also to the money, I heard one person say that the Republicans did not give the administration all the money they asked for (needed) to set up the site, and that is why it doesn't work.

Hard to believe what comes out of the Left's mouth.

Right Truth