Saturday, October 26, 2013

Law of the Land

CNN is running a teary-eyed puff piece on a broken family in Florida, separated because some ICE jackboots came in and took daddy away and deported him back to Nicaragua because he was an illegal alien.   His wife was snatched away five years earlier.  Now the kids are afraid.  You can read the piece if you want, it's right here.

The more interesting part was the comments section.  Those are provided free of MSM-CNN spin, at least giving somewhat of an idea of how people react to the article.   What do people think?  Are they sympathetic to the rule of law of the scared children?  Well, here's a screen shot of the first round of replies I came across after reading the story...  they pretty much speak for themselves...

John Boehner and friends may perhaps want to keep such sentiments in mind, going forward. 

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