Friday, October 11, 2013

Obama wins Nobel Prize Again

Well, they technically gave it to the OPCW, a group that goes around destroying chemical weapons.  But that's like giving it to the IAEA or the UN or even the United States military.  Which would of course be ridiculous.

No the award was given to Obama because Putin pulled his ass out of the fire and drummed up a phony deal for Assad to get rid of his chem-weapons to avert a military strike that wasn't going to happen. Clearly they couldn't give it to Putin or Assad and besides, they believe Obama created the peace.

If you're not convinced just watch the State Department's daily briefing today, where the spokeswoman spent the first few minutes reading a prepared statement congratulating them, including the following:
The award of the Nobel Peace Prize today to the OPCW no doubt reflects the critical role that they are playing in the Syrian CW crisis. As people know, in March of this year, the OPCW was called upon by the UN Secretary General to support a UN investigation into allegations of CW use in Syria.
A UN team staffed by OPCW chemical weapons experts investigated the August 21st attack and confirmed utilizing OPCW-designated laboratories that sarin was used to kill over a thousand Syrians.
Obama is awesome!   Of course they couldn't give it to Malala because that would be a direct smack in the face of the Taliban and Islamic barbarians worldwide, which would have brought unwanted attention to their war against human rights and women's rights and something like that might produce a fatwa. So giving it to Obama was the safe play.

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