Friday, April 11, 2014

Aviation Update

Just a note on MH370 and "new information", which should surprise no one..
Malaysian sources told CNN that Flight 370's pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was the last person on the jet to speak to air-traffic controllers, telling them "Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero."
Of course that's a 180 degree contradiction of information provided just a few weeks ago, again, information that should have been confirm-able during the first 48 hours.  Why are they doing this?

Sofrep had a post a few weeks ago filled with details and rational thinking. It still looks good to me. Author's theory--Captain and FO took the plane west to hold it hostage for the release of the politician who was jailed.  This was not a Muslim terrorist thing because the pilot was likely an atheist:
I think Shah then placed the plane in a circling turn out over the water 200-300 miles out and made his demands known to the Malaysian authorities: Vacate the verdict against Ibrahim or I will dive this plane into the water. If successful, Shah might have planned to return to Kuala Lumpur, or to land in Australia and ask for political asylum, hoping the circumstance mitigated him being charged with air piracy and hijacking.
Shah would have left himself enough time and fuel to get back to one of these destinations safely. Let us assume the Malaysian authorities, relieved that they were not dealing with a real terrorist, called Shah’s bluff or made promises Shah did not believe would be carried out. The deadline would have been before sunrise so the passengers would not realize they were still over water and not China. Shah and his co-pilot probably discussed this possibility.
..that, or the Malaysians shot it down. But kidnapping sounds like the most rational theory yet based on all the moves made and the crazy actions of the Malaysian government.  Also, a ditching might explain why debris has yet to be found, under a theory concurrent with the ping locations on a southeast arc towards Australia, suggesting Shah was heading for Australia for asylum but ran out of fuel.  

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