Monday, April 14, 2014

Update Update

Latest update on MH370, scrawled across the top of CNN's web page...


Is it really breaking news that a sub went down, then came back up?

They may be onto something with the cellphone data, again, another piece of information that should have been available within days of the event.  Also more proof Malaysia was completely BS'ing the region and world about the search area for days after the disappearance because if they knew Hadid's cellphone pinged a tower near Penang there was no way the airplane could have been off the coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea.

Yes, CNN is living and dying on this coverage and it's been discussed and even joked about.  Certainly it sure beats reporting on Obama scandals or inconvenient news, or possible regional wars, all of which can be a real headache.  Besides, few go to CNN to read bad news about Obama anyway, so it's not a ratings play for them.   It almost seems like they are paying Malaysia to drag this out.  But that would be a conspiracy theory. 

What's more frightening is that the Blood Moon is only hours away.   Yet that is not the top story. 


LA Sunset said...

Off topic shameless self-promotion time...

He's back:

Right Truth said...

We were sitting in Red Robin restaurant and they had CNN muted on the TV. Almost wall-to-wall missing airplane coverage. Milking it for all they can.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Cool, LA. Was wondering where you would pop up. Will be over shortly.

Debbie: Yes, it's amazing. Again, almost as if they are in cahoots with Malaysia.

I'll give them one thing--this could be one of the biggest stories in memory depending on the outcome. But they've lost credibility on the 'breaking news' thing. Breaking news is finding the airplane, some people, or learning of the plot, etc.